• Intraoperative Analysis
    Analyze leg length, offset, and cup position using real intraoperative data
  • Preoperative Templating
    Template hips and knees on an iPad®
  • Seamless Integration
    Direct Anterior Approach
    • Integrates Directly into a Surgeon's DAA Workflow
    • No hardware required
    • Reduce OR & Fluoro Time

JointPoint™ is a hip navigation system for intraoperative analysis and digital templating.

  • Non-Invasive
  • Fits into surgeon's existing workflow
  • Can reduce surgical time & fluoroscopy use


  • Offset & Leg Length Analysis
  • Cup Position Analysis
  • Predictive Trial Analysis
  • Intertrochanteric Fracture Reduction & Tip Apex Analysis
  • Template Rescaling
  • Data-driven Surgical Decision Making


  • Digital Templating for Hips
  • Digital Templating for Knees


  • Seamless collaboration between surgeon & rep
  • Streamline case planning using the JointPoint calendar


  • iPad® and Windows® versions
  • Fully HIPAA Compliant
  • Cloud-based case management
  • No additional hardware or devices are required

JointPoint Value Dossier

Download JointPoint Value Dossier to learn how the Navigation system can help doctors and patients undergoing hip replacement surgery.

JointPoint Value Dossier

JointPoint Value Dossier

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