What is the JointPoint Navigation System?

JointPoint Navigation System is an innovative solution designed to assist your surgeon during hip replacement surgery with efficiency, accuracy, and precision. During surgery X-rays are taken of your hip and analyzed by the software to ensure desired acetabular and femoral implant placement. Better implant position and sizing can contribute to a more natural feel, increase in stability, and longer lasting implants.

Advantages of JointPoint may include:

  • Restoration of your leg length which may lead to better hip stability and preserve your hip's natural movement.
  • Verification of desired implant position that can reduce the likelihood of hip dislocation and increase the joint's stability.
  • Designed to increase operating room efficiency and reduce operative time.
Doctor can analyze changes to your leg length.

Advanced Technology

  • Ability to measure the difference in your current leg length based on your office X-rays. JointPoint Navigation has been proven to be within millimeters of desired outcome.
  • -Analysis of X-rays in surgery to size and position implants to recreate your hip's smooth movement.
  • -Unlike traditional navigation systems no additional screws or pins placed into your bones.
  • -Additional testing and appointments are not needed before surgery. All planning and measurements can be done using your X-rays.
Doctor can analyze the position of the cup implant.

How does it Work?

  • Planning for your desired outcome can start before surgery. Your office X-rays help to determine the size of your bones and what implants fit best.
  • Before starting the surgery an Xray is taken of your hip bones and entered into the JointPoint Navigation Software. This information will be used for later in surgery and serve as a starting point for your doctor to reference.
  • Prior to selecting your final implants, the Doctor will use trial instruments to analyze the implant position. While doing this, another X-ray will be analyzed using the JointPoint system.
  • JointPoint displays component position data to the Doctor, providing them with the information to guide their final decision on what implant size and position is best for you.
  • The Doctor takes into account the current sizes and position displayed by JointPoint and will make a decision on what final implant sizes and position are best for you. During this fine tuning step your Doctor is making decisions about millimeters and one degree increments to help achieve your desired outcome.